Industrial HVAC Equipments & Products

Innovative low cost, energy efficient HVAC system and equipment manufacturer. New generation HVAC system, project design and application for all industries and public facilities. Expert engineers with analytic solutions will develop your project and offer you the most efficient solution. Discover our products for HVAC systems and contact us for custom project design and application.

Air Handling Unit

We manufacture comfort, hygienic, fresh air, heat recovery and package type air handling unit.

Air Filter

Discover all types of industrial air filters used in our air handling units.

Cooling Unit

Efficient way to use energy transfer to low cost cooling cycle in industries.

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

Supply constant air flow in different temperature by using VAV system.

Industrial Air Ventilation

Cabinet, duct type, roof type, axial and other industrial air ventilator types.

Laminar Flow Unit

Minimal pressure Loss and minimal energy consumption to sterilize from microorganisms.

Air Damper

Regulate the air flow inside a duct or air handling unit and equipment.

Fan Coil

Heating or cooling exchanger used in HVAC systems inside public places and factories.

Steam Humidifier

Industrial steam humidifier for laboratories, pharmaceutical industry and more…

Heat Pump

Use natural resources to regain energy with efficiency and low cost for heating and cooling.

Air Duct Silencer

Commercial and industrial air duct silencer to control airborne noise in ducts.