Compact Filter

  • High capacity filters made from light materials
  • Easy to replace
  • It can be used with high capacity air flow rates
  • Maximum air filtering efficiency for micro particles

Hepa Filter

  • Built from DKP sheets using laser and CNC technology
  • Full sealing by means of seamless contact surface for air
  • Easy filter replacement by means of removable swirl diffusor
  • H-13 and H-14 HEPA filters having low resistance and high filtering capacity in high quality MDF enclosures; conform to EN 1822.

Pre Air Filter

  • Multi layer mesh with reinforce metal frame
  • Made of washable materials
  • High velocity resistance
  • Protect air turbines against foreign particles in the air

Synthetic Air Filter

  • High density filtering materials
  • Helps optimal laminar air flow distribution
  • It is used in air filtration with air handling units