Comfort Air Handling Unit

Comfort air handling units sustains the humidity and the temperature of a specific (partial) location such as, a room, office or hotel room, visit details for more information and inquiry.

Fresh Air Handling Unit

Fresh air handling unit provides fresh air to the heating or cooling unit to increase indoor air quality. The system dilutes the polluted air inside a specific location to improve breathing quality of people inside.

heat Recovery Air Handling Unit

Air handling unit with heat recovery system working principle is to increase energy efficiency for heating and cooling of buildings. It consists of three units which are, fresh air inlet, air exhaust and blower fan.

Hygienic Air Handling Unit

Hygienic air handling units are mostly required by facilities and places which needs sterile air conditions. These places can be surgical operating rooms, clean room, space and aviation industries and chemical, medicine industries and more…

Pool Dehumidifier Air Handling Unit

In facilities with swimming pool water and chemical evaporate and mixes to the air inside the building which harms the facility. Pool dehumidifying air handling unit removes the evaporating air to outside of the building and keeps the humidity below 60%.

Package Hygienic Air Handling Unit

Package hygienic air handling unit requires less space and it is ideal solution for limited areas inside medicine, chemical, aviation and pharmaceutical industries to maintain sterile and hygienic air conditions.

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