Heat pumps are the devices used for both heating and cooling. The units are also able to use nearby natural resources, when available, for the heating and cooling processes. These smart units compare the natural resources (water, air, earth) to efficiently air condition the indoors thus keep the required energy at minimum. ACS’s innovative multi-source heat pump design is the first one of its kind that is produced and implemented in Turkey with its advanced features and equipment such as smart software control.

Major features of the multi-source heat pumps are as below:

  • COP and specific heat values are designed to meet world standards.
  • The instantaneous condition of the available sources relayed by the sensors. The unit, then, evaluates the best source option and make required adjustments to activate the selected source according to the required heat load.
  • COP value is raised up to 10 by adding the waste energy in the natural resource to the system.
  • System automation by the software developed by ACS’s engineers.
  • The units are specifically designed on the project basis . In order to eliminate unforeseen problems at the production stage, the units are designed in the 3D computer environment and then subjected to the CFD flow analysis by “Ansys-Fluent” software.