Steam is produced by the heat that is generated by the electric current formed between the electrodes and the minerals in the water. Produced steam can be distributed to air handling units via the supplied steam hoses and diffusers or it can be delivered directly to the ambient air using a special distribution head.

  • On/off or control in a range from 20 to 100% of its capacity
  • Capability of communication to BMS systems
  • Capability of sending on / fault signals to the BMS system.
  • Controllable by all analogue DC signals and potentiometric signals.
  • Minimal maintenance requirement, optimal cylinder life cycle.
  • LED light display for easy reading.
  • Capability to form a chain with up to 7 units which can be controlled as a single system.
  • Drain pump

Proportional Control

In order to meet continuous and varying humidity demand of the system the optimal proportion is set within the acceptable tolerance.