Industrial and Commercial HVAC Control System Design Solutions

20 years of experience of industrial and commercial HVAC control solutions in numerous projects. Custom design, analytic solution and application with energy efficiency. We are expert in, hotel, shopping center, business center, Fitness center and swimming pool, hospital, laboratory, cleanroom, pharmaceutical industry, airport, data center and all kind of public places. Contact us for free consultation and let us develop your custom HVAC project.

Hotel HVAC System Design

HVAC solutions and project for tourism and hospitality facilities with comfort air handling.

Shopping Mall HVAC System Design

Custom HVAC project solution for shopping center / shopping mall.

Business Center HVAC System Design

We design and apply most efficient business center HVAC system.

Fitness Center & Swimming Pool HVAC System Design

Efficient HVAC solutions and applications for high humidity public places.

Hospital HVAC System Design Requirements

Stable temperature and sterile fresh air flow solutions for medical facilities.

Cleanroom HVAC System Design & Classification

Effective HVAC applications to neutralize harmful microorganisms for cleanroom.

Laboratory HVAC System Design & Standarts

Fresh clean and sterile air conditioning system projects and applications for laboratories.

Pharmaceutical HVAC Systems & Guidelines

Expert and special HVAC solution for pharmaceutical industry

Industrial HVAC System & Components

Custom HVAC project and solutions for all kind of industries.


Innovative and efficient HVAC project development and application for airports.

Data Center

Productive and low energy cost stable temperature HVAC solutions

public Places

Expert application of HVAC system in overcrowded public places.